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Wikipedia define a CMS as….“A web content management (WCM) system is a CMS designed to simplify the publication of web content to web sites and mobile devices — in particular, allowing content creators to create, submit and manage contents without requiring technical knowledge of any Web Programming Languages or Markup Languages such as HTML or the uploading of files.”

In simple terms: a CMS helps you add and edit content on your website without being a geek. If you need a website, click here.

Now, a good CMS will have similar functionality to Microsoft Word in that you can add and edit text easily, however, it will be much more powerful in that it can do other cool stuff like optimize web pages for search engines, add categories to your navigation, add products, etc. too.

Okay, time for some good news and some bad news…

If you choose the right CMS (Content Management System) then adding and updating content on your website will be a piece of cake.

However, if you choose the wrong CMS you may have some serious short and long-term problems.

From my experience there are two CMSs which are head-and-shoulders above the rest.

1. WordPress
2. Magento

For normal, ‘static’ websites I use and recommend WordPress.

First released in 2003, it is now used by over 13% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites on the internet and has been downloaded over 32.5 million times.

Here’s some interesting WordPress stats… and here’s a list of notable WordPress users.

As you can see: there’s some pretty serious companies in there.

For e-commerce websites, I use and recommend Magento.

Now, Magento was launched much more recently (2008) and has grown very quickly to become the leading e-commerce CMS with over 60,000 sellers using it.

Here’s a list of notable Magento users.

Magento is a real beast of a CMS in that is has a gazillion options that help you sell online, for example, it allows you to change currencies, cross-sell, up-sell, show related products, etc. etc. ……because of this you’ll need to run it on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) at a minimum as shared hosting will mean it runs too slowly.

There are, of course, other CMSs out there e.g. Joomla!, Drupal, osCommerce, etc. but from my experience these are somewhat limited in their functionality and the above two are much more powerful.

Hope you found this article of value.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

The trend of online merchandise has increased with speedier pace. Be it products or services, they are being sold through the virtual marketplace, which are known as Ecommerce websites. A huge range of online merchants is actively working to sell a best range of products to the  targeted customers through online shopping mediums. The reason behind increased trend of web stores is that it is less time taking and technology has made it a smart way of shopping. People can check out the products online, study about them in details and then pick the best one as per their choice. These all facilities have been possible because of the excellent level of Ecommerce and web solutions available in the marketplace. Hence, the demand for such solution providers is very high nowadays.

Aids of effective Ecommerce solutions:

This is the perfect way to get higher number of customers and earn the decided profits. Talking about special impression of a brilliantly designed and technically sound ecommerce web space, it is brilliant and drags the attention of higher number of customers. Only exclusively planned and structured web design for ecommerce web solutions can promise a perfect and eye catchy design to the online store.

Modern age commence solutions come up with custom designed and brilliantly structured features, which are perfect to make the store interactive and assist people in quick shopping. As it is an online store hence, there is not opening and closing timing. The store is open for 24×7 and it has helped people to shop whenever they wish to.

Customized shopping cart, multi payment options and easy contact options to the customer assistance are exclusive features of a modern age ecommerce store, which are considered as the grounds of profit generation and reputation building.

This is the kind of platform, which has no boundaries and it reaches to the international platform easily. Web design is dedicated to bring all the benefits to its existing and potential customers. The company focuses of bringing in supreme ecommerce solutions that can really make a difference on the name of technology and excellence served to the clients. we have smart workforce that can assure you complete satisfaction with ecommerce solutions offered by us. What we mainly offer to our esteemed patrons includes:

Quality web design and development for ecommerce store

Application of innovative ideas

Generation of user friendly e-store

Exclusive tabs creation as per requirements of our clients

Customized features

Full technical support

7 Best Social Media Plugins

With Facebook set to reach over 1 billion users worldwide this year, it is quite evident that social media will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.  If you have a website or blog there is no denying you should be using social media to its fullest.  Today we’re going to help you do that by listing the 7 best social media plugins for WordPress.  Why 7?  Because it’s lucky of course!

1 ) Advanced Social Widget – Adds an advanced widget box to your WordPress theme which gives you the ability to link to all your social media profiles.  It will automatically follow the CSS styles of your current theme, such as fonts and colors.

2 ) Social Box-If you have a large following on your various social media accounts, Social Box maybe perfect for you.  Social Box shows the current number of followers, fans, or subscribers and easily allows new visitors to follow you with a simple click.

3 ) Social Traffic Pop-Do you like pop-ups?  Social Traffic Pop opens a pop-up window when users visit your site encouraging them to share your content on the 3 major social media sites.

4 ) Facebook Like Box Widget-One of my personal favorites because of the ability to show a feed from your Facebook page, see real followers, and the ability for users to like your page.

5 ) Woof-Much different than the rest of our plugins so far, Woof actually gives you the ability to load a WordPress site onto your Facebook Page.  Your fans can also post a comment on your WordPress blog from within Facebook, pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

6 ) The Google+ Plugin-This plugin integrates WordPress with your Google+ profile and page.  The Google+ Plugin also provides BuddyPress support and Post Format support.

7 ) Birdo-Birdo provides users with the ability to comment on your posts via Twitter to help spread the conversation to the Twitter community.


No matter which social media plugins you use to help increase the social conversation, the most important thing is to have a social conversation.  If you just can’t decide which of these awesome plugins to use, try using one on your homepage and one on your blog.  Did we leave off your favorite social media plugin?  Do you have other great social media plugins you prefer?

Corporate Web Design Services

Corporate firms no matter operational in single nation or various countries at a time need to have a strong representation in the marketplace. It is one of the most significant ideas to grab the attention of customers and inspire them to believe in one particular brand. Gone are the days, when sticking pamphlets, establishing hoardings, television and newspaper advertisements were enough to grab the attention of people. It is 21st century, the age of web technologies. Most of the modern generation is always available on internet platform. This is the reason behind replacement of traditional marketing techniques with existing ones, which are more inclined towards online solutions. This clearly explains the urgent requirement for every company to have corporate website design, which is very significant to represent itself as a strong brand name and stand distinguished amongst the crowd of competitors. But, the corporate website should be designed in such a professional way that it represents a company well. Having a web presence through an exclusive corporate website is the key to get exposure on the World Wide Web. In order to explore maximum advantages of corporate website solutions, it is mandatory to go for intelligent and experienced solution providers having expertise in this field.

Why go for corporate website design

The very first and most important reason to go for corporate website design is that it is corporate identity of every business firm. It helps the companies to build a strong reputation in the marketplace. If you are a big firm operating in corporate world, you need to build such a reputation that can stand your apart from the competitors and bring in a flood of customers to you. This is the mantra of profit making. For that, you need to build a stronger online presence, which can be possible via opting for a smart and interactive corporate website. Having a supreme and well organized corporate website designed to operate your business and introduce it to the targeted customers. It eventually helps you in building stronger brand image, increased profitability, enhanced growth chances and other related benefits. You can opt for dedicated and customized web solutions, which represent your business very well and offers you with trust of your customers, which is invaluable. In order to attain a growth level and retain it properly, having a strong, continuous and well-planned market presence is very important. Corporate website designs offer you with the same.

Our firm is famous for serving its corporate clients with industry dedicated solutions. We have skilled designers associated with us, who work with enthusiasm, integrity, excellence and dedication to accomplish the central aim of our company to achieve complete client satisfaction. We serve quality solutions on affordable prices.

What we serve includes:

Effective Brand & Logo Design

Special Corporate identity/Professional Corporate Website

Design Well-structured Layout & Navigation Complete Process Management

Well-framed Page Layout

Complete Content (text, image, audio, video and animation)

Design and management Navigation

Search Engine optimization

Website Interactivity

We strongly believe in offering our clients with such creative and intelligent solutions on possible low prices that makes us different from our competitors.