7 Best Social Media Plugins

With Facebook set to reach over 1 billion users worldwide this year, it is quite evident that social media will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.  If you have a website or blog there is no denying you should be using social media to its fullest.  Today we’re going to help you do that by listing the 7 best social media plugins for WordPress.  Why 7?  Because it’s lucky of course!

1 ) Advanced Social Widget – Adds an advanced widget box to your WordPress theme which gives you the ability to link to all your social media profiles.  It will automatically follow the CSS styles of your current theme, such as fonts and colors.

2 ) Social Box-If you have a large following on your various social media accounts, Social Box maybe perfect for you.  Social Box shows the current number of followers, fans, or subscribers and easily allows new visitors to follow you with a simple click.

3 ) Social Traffic Pop-Do you like pop-ups?  Social Traffic Pop opens a pop-up window when users visit your site encouraging them to share your content on the 3 major social media sites.

4 ) Facebook Like Box Widget-One of my personal favorites because of the ability to show a feed from your Facebook page, see real followers, and the ability for users to like your page.

5 ) Woof-Much different than the rest of our plugins so far, Woof actually gives you the ability to load a WordPress site onto your Facebook Page.  Your fans can also post a comment on your WordPress blog from within Facebook, pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

6 ) The Google+ Plugin-This plugin integrates WordPress with your Google+ profile and page.  The Google+ Plugin also provides BuddyPress support and Post Format support.

7 ) Birdo-Birdo provides users with the ability to comment on your posts via Twitter to help spread the conversation to the Twitter community.


No matter which social media plugins you use to help increase the social conversation, the most important thing is to have a social conversation.  If you just can’t decide which of these awesome plugins to use, try using one on your homepage and one on your blog.  Did we leave off your favorite social media plugin?  Do you have other great social media plugins you prefer?